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We offer comprehensive alcohol and other drug abuse services for community residents of all ages. Our programs offer a wide variety of services designed to meet the needs of each unique individual.

Program Areas

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient

Employee Assistance

The Bridge Program

DOT Compliance Services

Drug Court

Urinalysis Screening


Prevention & Community Services

Treatment Services

Assessment and Evaluation

Group Counseling

Education & Awareness

Intensive Outpatient

Individual Counseling

Referral & Assistance

Family Counseling

Judicial Commitment Examinations


to Expect

Generally, the first thing to expect is to receive a comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment to help determine what types of services may best be suited to your individual needs. If we cannot meet your immediate needs we will gladly work with you in referring you to other more appropriate services.

Once an assessment is completed you will be scheduled a treatment planning appointment with your primary counselor. The purpose of this session is to work with you in identifying and setting appropriate goals to work towards while you are in services.

Based on the outcome of these two sessions, you will be all set to begin your assigned services of individual counseling, family counseling, group counseling, etc.

Your primary counselor will work closely with you throughout your stay to monitor and adjust things as may be needed to best suit your individual needs. It is vitally important that you communicate with your counselor(s) openly and honestly so that they may assist you to the best of their ability.

Towards the end of your services you should meet individually with your primary counselor to develop a formal Transition Plan. This is simply a written plan to help you continue the positive changes you have made while you were in services with us.

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